If you’re one of those people that use Roboform
to save passwords, then you’ll now see how to
identify phishing/fake sites with the help of

You see, every single day we releases tons of
spam emails. Among those are a couple of
phishing emails… telling us that for the sake
of security or something, we need to update our
account details immediately.

Most such emails can be identified from the links
in them — where the linktext mentions one website
and some other unknown website is displayed in
the status bar of your browser.

However, the second opportunity to identify such
websites is when (if by chance) you click on the
link and visit that site.

Normally when you save the password in Roboform
the first time, I’d assume you accessed the
website by entering the original url into your
browser and then saved the password.

Well the good thing about Roboform is…

From that point onwards, whenever you are on that
ORIGINAL website, the passcard of the website
will display in the Robofrom toolbar.

Whereas if the website you’re using is a fake or
phishing website, the passcard does not display.

This instantly shows you that the website is not
the original website and you can avoid entering
your data into it.

I know that a lot of people use Roboform these
days. So I thought you might just find this tip

If you’re still not using Roboform, you should
definitely give it a try.

It will save you a lot of time.

Download Roboform here:

Best Regards,


If you’ve been online for a good period of time,
you already know that creating websites is one
tiresome task.

It’s too time consuming… and unless you’re a
web-designer, it’s often pretty boring too.

But now, there’s a way to create a great-looking
webpages in 5 minutes… or even less!

How? Wordpress!

I know…

At this point, you’re probably saying — “Dude,
tell me something I don’t know!”

Yes, I’m getting to that now.

You see, you probably already knew that using
wordpress is one the easiest ways to create a
webpage fast.


The problem with Wordpress is that it was
primarily designed for blogs and not for
creating direct-response sales pages.

As a result, there are too many distractions on
there which can reduce your sales greatly.

You’re literally on the mercy of the reader
because you’re giving him too many chances
to leave your webpage without buying.

But here’s the alternative…

Wordpress theme for Direct-response marketers

When you create a webpage using this theme, it
just looks like any other direct-response
sales letter.

Or even much better actually!

You basically just need to add your content for
the page… and bam!

There’s your good-looking, high-converting sales

There are no distractions of any sort like
“comments” or “recent posts” columns to
reduce your conversions.

Plus, there are so many other advantages to
list here.

Just check out this website for full details:

Take it easy,


Look what I found!

July 7, 2009

Hi there,

I was digging through my swipe files today when I came across THIS particular sales letter.

I thought I’d post it here so that you can also benefit from it.

The letter given below was mailed by an independent service station to attract new customers.

In fact, this letter was so effective it succeeded in pulling away customers from some of the other, more established service stations… to this one.

If you’ve seen some of those hyped-up Internet Marketing sales letters and thought that was the only way to write a “good” sales letter, you’re going to change your opinion after reading this.

Take a look:


Dear Sir:

Have you ever taken your car to a dealer service station
for repairs, paid a high bill, and driven away only to find
that your car ran worse than before?

Have you ever had it suggested to you, about the time your
valves first needed grinding, that you’d better consider
‘turning in the old boat on a new one?’

Auto dealers, carrying enormous overhead, have to render
service as a necessary incident to their business, which is
the selling of cars — forced on them by the manufacturers.
It is an annoyance and a drain, the high cost of which is
passed on to you. The dealer’s eye is always on a sale, for
it is in selling that he makes his money.

With us it is different. Maintaining Dodges in good running
order is our sole business. We have to do a good job or close
up. We are not interested in coaxing you to replace the
good car you have now, or in fostering the skilful propaganda
that has made so many people think an automobile, built by
the best mechanics out of the toughest materials, has a
shorter life than a typewriter, a good washing-machine or
a printing press.

Keep your car in repair and get your money out of it! Don’t be
fooled into turning it in as worn out – only to have it run
sixty thousand miles further in the hands of some taxi-cab
company which knows its value.

With low overhead, our labor charge is only $1.00 an hour,
instead of $1.25. Genuine Dodge parts cost alike everywhere.
Our splendid shop at Post and Albion is equipped to build a
complete car, if necessary, and we guarantee our work. You can
run out in ten minutes, and we get you home or to a car line
in one of our own machines.

Forty or fifty Dodge owners have taken advantage of our
free carbon-cleaning offer. Why not try it yourself?



Do you see how good it is?

With a little creativity you can easily modify it to suit any of your products also.

Until next time,


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There’s a good reason why I chose to be a copywriter – I love writing copy.

I love writing copy more than anything else, and it is one of those FEW things I’m naturally good at.

But, I guess in the last couple of years, I’ve unknowingly overdone it a bit.

I’ve taken on too many copywriting projects and written way too much copy day in and day out!

And now, all that appears to have taken a serious effect on my enthusiasm to write copy. So much that what I used to love feels so boring to me right now.

The whole process feels like a monotonous task to me now.

But why am I telling you all this?

So you don’t commit the mistake I did. So you don’t work 7 days a week like I did!

It sometimes just happens that we’re so focused on making our business a success that we don’t realize we’re overworking ourselves. We keep thinking we’ll take a break tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.

So if you too have been thinking about a break and putting it off, take that break now.

Trust me, you’ll feel much better when you take some time off from your regular work. I spent the entire day yesterday doing absolutely nothing and I’m feeling much better already.

Just keep your work hours in check, enjoy other things from time the time, and there’s a good chance you won’t end up being in the position I am.

I’m currently working on cutting down my workweek to 5 days. I’ll also be trimming down my client list and adding lots of fun activity to my daily schedule.

Hopefully that will help me regain my original enthusiasm in quick time.

If you’ve got any suggestions to give me, just reply to this post below.



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A nightmare week!

June 16, 2009

Early last week… on Monday or Tuesday I think… my computer got infected with a virus.

I’ve been through such things before, and I’ve managed to wipe clean the entire system without formatting the hard disk. However this time, it was different.

This time, the virus kept returning no matter how many times my antivirus software deleted it, and it just wouldn’t bulge.

So I eventually had to format both my systems (yes, both my laptop and desktop got infected)… and thought the ordeal was over.

But little did I know that this was just the beginning.

Just as I was done reinstalling Windows on both my systems and was about to heave a sign of relief, I found that my FTP account password had gotten compromised and my account hacked!

The hacker had messed up files on all my sites, most of which were wordpress blogs.

This was like a shock to me because this is the first time that my websites have been hacked.

I always thought who the heck would hack MY websites when there are a lot of other bigger fish out there.But this shows that just about anybody can get hacked.

So over the last one week, I’ve been working overtime to restore my sites to normalcy.

Some of them have been restored. As for the other sites, I’m still working on them.

To sum it up, it has been a nightmare week!

Now I believe some of you guys out there are better versed with Wordpress security than I am. So if you’ve got any tips for me or you’d like to talk about a similar experience that you’ve had, just reply to this post.



P.S. One tip from me…

Don’t assume your hosting guys will have back ups of your site when something like this happens. When I asked my host “Hostgator” if they could restore the sites back to their initial state, they gave me the standard answer — that they don’t have backups since my inode using is high.

So does that mean we have unlimited storage but we’re not supposed to be using it?


Did you know that you can actually see… and record… every single move visitors make on your webpage?

You can see what they see, you can see what they click on, you can see what they read, what section of the page they stay on longer, where they went to from there, and so on.

But why would you or anybody want to know all this?

It’s simple — if run allow your visitors wander aimlessly on your webpage, you’ll never accomplish the goals you set for your website or yourself.

The basic idea of having a direct response website is to make them perform the action YOU desire.

And that’s what these new site recording tools can help you do.

Simply put, what these new tools do is they record your visitors’ movements and actions on your webpage, and save it as a video.

You can then view these videos later, analyze the problem and make the necessary changes that will correct this problem.

Now, I’ve been testing two different such tools on my own websites and that of my clients.

One of them is RobotReplay.


Robotreplay is a simple, free, no-frills site recording tool. You can record any number of domains and can have unlimited recordings.

It simply records the video and that’s it. It hasn’t got too many other functions.

However, the basic advantage with this is it doesn’t slow down the page loading time.

The second one is Clicktale.


Clicktale is more complex than Robotreplay and consists of a lot more features and functions.

However, the free version allows only 100 recordings per week and you can record the activity on only one domain.

You can view the videos at 5x and 10x speeds and save time. And it has a lot of other functions like heat maps, link analytics, form analytics, etc.

But what I’ve personally observed is that the Clicktale script tends to increase the webpage loading time significantly as compared to RobotReplay.

So hopefully this information can help you decide which one would be better for you.


Dean Dhuli.


Funny Advertising Video

March 2, 2009

IMO this is one video everybody should watch regardless of whether you’re directly involved in advertising or not.

And if you’ve already seen it before, then see it again.

It’s quite funny!

Take care,

Dean Dhuli.


One of my close friends introduced me to a new concept yesterday.

Now this guy works in a software firm, and he got professional training on the concept we’re going to discuss to help him with his office work.

So at first instance you might think that the concept has nothing to offer to YOU.

You’re wrong! As was I…

You see, when my friend told me about this concept, I also thought he was talking about some software. I thought we needed technical expertise to get it to work for us.

But that just wasn’t the case.

The concept he told me about is called “Six thinking hats”. Maybe you heard about it before.

“Six thinking hats” is a concept or an approach for looking at an issue from different viewpoints. The different colored “hats” here tell us about the things we need to consider while we put on that hat.

For instance,

  • White hat for data and facts
  • Black hat for problems, obstacles and difficulties
  • Red hat for feelings, intuitions and gut instincts
  • Green hat for possibilities, alternatives and new ideas
  • Yellow hat for values and benefits
  • Blue hat for managing the thinking process

As soon as my friend finished explaining this process to me, I could immediately see its uses for copywriters and internet marketers…or for anyone else for that matter.

For copywriters, this would help improve the way you do your research or write your copy.

For marketers, it would help structure the way you launch products correctly.

I bet many of us are already using this approach without knowing it. But the whole idea of sorting different concerns into different “hats” makes the project so much more easier and organized.

So if you’re looking for more information on this topic, just visit this website.

Dean Dhuli.

The Compulsive Copywriter :-)


Hello there,

Most people I know would say, “Thank god, 2008 is over!”

But here is a funny video that looks at the funny side of things that happened in 2008.

Take a look, it’s really funny…

Happy New Year 2009 to you and yours!

Take care,
Dean Dhuli.


As you may know already, the hugely popular Copywritersboard was closed down suddenly a few days ago.

There are some who believe it has been closed for good. And there are others who believe Michel with start it again.

Whatever the case might turn out to be, I’d like to tell you that there’s now a new people for you to hang out.

Bruce Wedding’s Copywritingboard.

It was less than 48 hrs after Michel’s forum closed down that Bruce opened this forum. Great timing, isn’t it?

So if you’re looking for a new place to hang out with fellow copywriters and just learn copywriting, Copywritingboard is the place to be in.

I’ll see you there.

Take care,